Cleaning - Fiber

Or to dampen the
CleanWipes™ for splicing

Or to flush out ports and

Use the Cleaning Fluid to
dampen the CleanStixx™

• Clean for pennies: 400+ cleanings in each can

• Perfect cleaning on single-strand or ribbon fiber,
single-mode or multi-mode, on jumpers and patch
cords, and before fusion splicing or termination

• Safe on optical fiber, connectors, plastic fiber, lasers,
lenses, prisms, electronics, displays and flat screens

• Fast-drying, which means fast and convenient
“Wet-Dry” cleaning for the best possible results

    • Dissipates static, for instant cleaning of lint, fibers,
       dust and other particulate

        • No residues, no “coffee rings” on the end-faces

        • When cleaning before splicing, it squeaks when
           the fiber is clean

            • Nonflammable, nonhazardous

            • Spill-proof package

                • Compatible with all stick, cartridge and paper
                   cleaning tools

Sticklers™ Cleaning Fluid
The Best Cleaning at the Lowest Cost

CleanWipes™ 400
Contains 400 Cleanings

• Exclusive, high-modulus CleanWipes™ material won’t rip, tear, shred or lint.
   Super-soft, won’t scratch end-faces

• CleanSlots™ control the process; avoids cleaning on already-used wipes

• Engineered for “Wet-Dry” Cleaning which eliminates static; gets the best results
   without time-wasting re-cleaning

• Perfect for high-volume, high-speed cleaning by OEMs or for techs in the field

CleanWipes™ Singles
Contains 1 Cleaning

• Each CleanWipes™ stays clean and dry
   until the packet is opened

• Designed for use in harsh environments

• Fits in tool kits and pockets

• Technician-friendly

• Optical-grade wipe for cleaning
   connectors, or bare fiber before splicing

• Far stronger and cleaner than cellulose

• No glues, bleach or lint to contaminate

• Makes “Wet/Dry” cleaning easy

CleanWipes™ 90
Contains 90 Cleanings

CleanWipes™ 3200
Contains 3,200 Cleanings

Four CleanWipes™ Packages
Wet-Dry Cleaning Made Easy

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Put One on Every Truck and In Every Lab!

• 800+ “Wet-Dry” cleanings per kit, for the best possible results

• Everything a tech needs for fast, convenient, reliable cleaning;
  extra pockets for tools, inspection scopes, strippers

• Cleans in seconds, for just pennies per cleaning

• Bright orange canvas bag is easy to find, hard to lose, even in
  the back of trucks, connector closets or busy labs

• Also in military-ready configuration (slightly different contents)

• Ship anywhere, any way, including by air, without hazmat fees

• Free! High-brilliance Sticklers™ inspection flashlight

Sticklers™ Cleaning Kit
Put It All Together for Perfect Cleaning

The head on each Sticklers™ Cleanstixx™ is a bundle of fibers, slightly more narrow than the alignment sleeve (A). Under pressure, the fibers flex and conform to the end-face. The fibers also spread apart and grip particulate, just as a radial tire grips the road (B). Capillary action wicks liquids from the surface. Together, these two processes deliver fast, consistent cleaning results time after time. Most competing swabs have a rigid center post beneath a softer cover, so all the cleaning pressure is on the very point of the
swab, and the tip can’t conform to clean the entire connector surface. They also tend to have inconsistent shapes and dimensions, cleaning the sides of the alignment sleeve better than the end-face. Drawing not to scale.

• Only CleanStixx™ clean any connector,
   any size, any configuration, anywhere (LC
   connectors, ribbon connectors, military
   connectors, biconic, SCA connectors for
   FTTh applications, SMA 905 AIR connectors)

• Only CleanStixx™ clean the entire end-face,
   not just the central core

• Only CleanStixx™ deliver “Wet-Dry” cleaning
   when used with the Sticklers™ Cleaning
   Fluid, for the best results even when cleaning
   particulate or dust

• Only CleanStixx™ use ultra-clean
   construction — no fabric, foam, glues or

• Only CleanStixx™ are precisely molded to an
   exact size and shape, for better cleaning

• Only CleanStixx™ are color-coded for easy

• Only CleanStixx™ are packaged in highpurity,
   self-sealing bags

Sticklers™ CleanStixx™
Fast, Simple “Wet-Dry” Port Cleaning

Discover Sticklers™—
Perfectly Clean,
Perfectly Fast,
Perfectly Reliable
Fiber Optic Networks

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