• AC Wallmount 3KW With EBB And Heavy Duty Side Panel For RO

CoolSpot WM-DX
CoolSpot WallMount DX units are installed in lieu of rack side panels, meaning there no limitation on overhead clearance. These cooling units are compatible with the following free-standing racks series: PREMIUM Heavy RHF, PREMIUM Cabling RDF, PREMIUM Server RSF, OPTIMAL ROF, and OPTIMAL Flex RMF.

CoolSpot WM units are ideally suited for spaces where there is insufficient clearance to install a top mount solution. CoolSpot WM are available with capacities ranging from 1.1 to 3.0 kW per cooling unit. Up to two CoolSpot WM cooling units can be fitted to a rack for incerease capacity or redundancy purposes (optionally duty cycle balancing).

When installing these units into closed areas make sure that the room has sufficient clearances and adequate ventilation, so that environmental operating conditions (up to 55 °C) are not exceeded.

CoolSpot WM air-conditioning units have the same cooling technology (Direct Expansion) as the Top Mount solutions. These unit's revolutionary design means that filters are not required, thus reducing maintenance costs. All CoolSpot WM air-conditioning units are equipped with standard electronic control boards to ensure that the required temperature is accurately maintained. CoolSpot WM units can be easily used with RAMOS to provide remote notification should the temperature inside the rack exceed user-defined thresholds.

  •  Cooling output of cooling units 1.1-3 kW
  • Compact design - coolant piping distribution systems are not necessary
  • Condensate evaporation system (available in output units of 1.4 kW higher) eliminates the need of condensate drainage
  • The heat exchanger surface was treated specially to provide the highest possible resistance against clogging, therefore the unit is able to operate with full output even when the ambient temperature reaches 55 °C
  • The cooling system was designed for operation without filters - reducing maintenance costs
  • The cooling unit is easy to control, making it easy to set the temperature in the rack
  • The electronic control panel ensures accurate control of the cooling unit in order to achieve the required climate inside the rack
  • This cooling type can be installed easily even into already installed ROF racks (retrofit installation possible) - the side panel will be replaced by air-conditioning during installation; blanking panels will be installed, too. It is necessary to fulfill the conditions of IP rating 54.


CoolSpot DX WallMount  AC-WM-30
Cooling Capacity (L35L35)    W 3000
Power Supply    V/Ph/Hz  230/1/50
Max. running current    A   8,5
Absorbed Power    W   1950
Air flow in rack    m3/h   1050
Weight without panel    kg   75

       AC-WM-11    AC-WM-14    AC-WM-20    AC-WM-25    
    1050    1400    2000    2500    
    230/1/50    230/1/50    230/1/50    230/1/50   
   2,8    5    5,5    7,1   
   506    939    1160    1478   
  575    575    860    860    
   47    47    50    65   

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AC Wallmount 3KW With EBB And Heavy Duty Side Panel For RO

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