• Contact Cleaner C,10.5-oz. Aerosol

  • Nonconductive, plastic-safe contact cleaner and circuit rinse
  • Rinses light oils, dust, lint and grit from connectors, switches, electromechanical parts, PCBs and motor windings
  • Dries in seconds with no residue • Safe on circuit boards, cable harnesses, motors and keyboards
  • No odor, nonflammable
  • TriggerGrip™ cleaning system compatible
  • StatZap™ compatible

Product Information

Electrical Contact Cleaner is a versatile precision cleaner designed to be safely used on high- voltage systems, cable harnesses, punch-down blocks, power supplies, junction boxes, coax cables, and electronic systems which have been powered-down.

A mild cleaner, it has been optimized for the balance between cleaning effectiveness and maximum safety. Nonflammable and nonconductive, and if accidentally sprayed on operating electronics it will do no harm.

The cleaner dries instantly and is completely safe on soft plastics, rubber and elastomers; it even can safely clean computer screens, CDs and DVDs. Ideal for rinsing grit from hot motors, dust from inside electromechanical relays, and removing light oils from machinery, keyboards and other electrical devices. It leaves no residues and is noncorrosive.

Technical Details and Cleaning Data

Boiling Point
44ºC / 111ºF
Chemical Family
HFC Solvent Azeotrope
Cleaning Strength (KB value)
Evaporation Rate
Slight, Ethereal
Percent Volatile
Specific Gravity
Health, Safety and Environmental Data

NFPAHealth:1  |  Fire:0  |  Instability:1
ROHS and WEEE CompliantYes
GHS/HCS PictogramN/A

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Contact Cleaner C,10.5-oz. Aerosol

  • AED 110.00

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