•  Switch Audio/Video, 2 Input/2-Output, VGA + Mini Jack

ATEN's new VS0202, Video Matrix Switch, integrates a video switch,video splitter, and audio together in one unit. While the usual video splitter can distribute a single video signal to multi-monitors and a regular video switch displays videofrom several sources on a one ata time basis, the VS0202 allows video and audio signals from 2 separate sources to be independently routed to any one (1) or both display devices, and speakers.The VS0202 is also a signal booster. It allows you to extend the signal transfer distance up to210 feet with excellent video quality. To provide more outputs, the VS0202may be cascaded to another VS0202, VS0204, VS0404or video splitter [up to two levels]. The VS0202 is ideal for presentations and applications where it is desirable to display information from multiple sourcesto single or multiple destinations.

Product Features

  • All four video outputs can switch between device 1 through 4 using push buttons on the front of the unit.
  • Route audio and video
  • Duplicate and enhance video signals to up to 65 meters or 210 feet (max.) *
  • Cascadable to other models of the ATEN video splitter line of products and capable of support hundreds of monitors.
  • With up to 300 MHz Video Bandwidth.
  • OS Support: Windows 2000, Windows XP, Linux, Mac and Sun

* Video content sent over very long distance using a VGA cable might result in slight degradation of the video signal and quality.




Manufacturer Part Number


Video Signal Type


Input Connectors

2 x HDB-15 Male (VGA)
2 x Female Mini Stereo Jacks

Output Connectors

2 x HDB-15 Female (VGA)
2 x Female Mini Stereo Jacks

Port selection

Front Panel Pushbuttons

Video Bandwidth


Video Resolution

1920x1440 @ 60Hz

Transmission Distance

210 feet or 65 meters

Enclosure Type

Metal Desktop Case

Power Input

DC 5.3V
2.39W (Max.)

Operating Temperature

0 - 50C (32 - 122F)

Storage Temperature

-20 - 60C (-4 - 140F)


0-80% RH, Non-condensing

Product Dimensions

5.1in x 3in x 1.8in (LxWxH) 13.00cm x 7.50cm x 4.50cm (LxWxH)

Weight (lbs)


Regulatory Approvals


Manufacturer Warranty

3 Years

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Switch Audio/Video, 2 Input/2-Output, VGA + Mini Jack

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