• ServerLIFT Super Duty SL-1000X

Data center migration with the serverlift SL-1000X is the  best-in-class solution for managing the heaviest equipment for any data center relocation or migration project. The only compact lift rated for 1000 lbs and built specifically for the data center, the ServerLIFT SL-1000X is perfect for large scale migrations and lifting heavy equipment through narrow data center aisles.With the risks of serious employee injury and equipment damage, leading data centers rely on the advanced lifting solutions that ServerLIFT has to offer. During any data center migration or relocation, employees are tasked with the unsafe and critical task of the migration of heavy enterprise servers. Historically, this task was done without the proper tools, delaying the process. The ServerLIFT SL-1000X was built for advanced data centers, enabling them to easily lift servers and handle any relocation project with confidence.The ServerLIFT SL-1000X is the flagship of all ServerLIFT products designed to move equipment up to 1000 lbs and usable in even the tightest of environments. Built for years of service, the SL-1000X is the most robust data center lift available anywhere.

Product Features 

  • Compact Design
  • Loading Usability
  • Fully Contained
  • Low Profile Platform
  • Telescoping Mast
  • Easy-Turn Swivel Handles Dual Point Stabilizer Brake
  • Large Swivel Casters
  • Heavy Duty Platform 
  • Fully Powered Lifting 
  • Built-In Easy Glide Shelf 
  • Touch STOP Sensor



539 lbs [244.49 kg]

Shipping Weight:

700 lbs [317.51 kg] Zero Turn Radius (can pivot on axis when front casters are unlocked)

Aisle and “T” Intersection turn limit:

34” [86.36 cm]

Side Shelf distance

6” each side - 12” total travel [30.48 cm]

Minimum Aisle Width

25” [63cm]

Shelf upper load limit

8’ [243.80 cm]

Shelf lower limit

4.96 “ [12.59 cm]

Maximum load capacity rating:

1000 lbs [453.59 kg]


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ServerLIFT Super Duty SL-1000X

  • AED 66,442.98

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