• Inline Power Modules

This industrial family of Sentry Inline Power Modules (IPMs) has been designed to provide Remote Power Control functions to your enterprise's remotely installed routers, servers and internet working equipment. These IPMs are widely used by leading ISPs and Service Providers and in worldwide router-based networks.Use the IPMS with the Sentry Administrator or in combination with another Sentry Remote Power Manager to extend the number of outlets supported. Applications also include geographically dispersed equipment, mixed amperage, mixed voltage or anytime a 1:1 UPS-to-Remote Power Manager is needed.

Key Features

• Complete family of industrial quality Power Modules to support your worldwide requirements for 120 VAC and 230 VAC.
• All Power Modules are agency approved
• Always-On Power Module design eliminates 'single-points-of-failure'
• Power Modules can be installed up to 1000Õ from a Sentry controller using an RJ style signal cable.


Sentry  Cabinet PDU Specifications
Item # Description Rated Amperage Cables Included
Inline Power Modules

IPM5-R-2 In-line 230 VAC 6A 6' RJ Signal Cable

Additional Specifications
Item # Agency Approvals



Signal Cable

A two conductor RJ type signal cable connected to one of the Sentry Remote Power Controllers is used to control the functions of the Power Module (On, Off, or Reboot). OEM types of equipment can also be used to control the Power Modules. Call our special equipment department for additional information at 1-800-835-1515.

Always-on Architecture

The Power Module in its default state allows power to flow to attached equipment. The relay inside the Power Module is programmatically opened only when it is necessary to reboot the attached equipment. This highly reliable equipment design will not add a new single point of failure to your inter-networking devices.

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Inline Power Modules

  • AED 500.00

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