ESD Safe

All accessories are ESD safe for maximum static protection. Safeguards the operator and sensitive electronics components.

HEPA Filter

High-efficiency Particulate Air Filter traps and captures 99.9% of small pollutants and pollen particles, making them suitable for allergy and asthma sufferers.

§  Convenient, freewheeling, detachable roller base

§  Large, Quiet & Powerful (1000 watt per hour) motor

§  Economical for Large Volumes

§  Filter Efficiency -  0.3 micron filter - Includes 5 gallon disposable bucket(19L)

§  Accompanied accessories - ESD safe - Crevice tool with brush and rubber neck tool





HEPA level of filtration ensures an Allergen free environment especially for people suffering from allergies and asthma



Removes dust and other contaminants without any shutdown in a 24X7 working environment

Printers – Toners


ESD safe equipment allows complete cleaning of the toner without messing the environment/equipment |


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