• 22U 19’’ IP65 Outdoor Cabinet W600mm D800mm


The IP65 Outdoor Cabinet is a high-quality cabinet designed for 19” industrial applications. Based on EN60529 provided IP65

protection class against dust and water ingress. Welded construction for strength and corrosion protection, all metalwork is

pre-galvanized DX51 D+Z275 high corrosion resistance, painted externally with RAL 7035 Polyester Outdoor anti-graffiti paint.

Double layer construction with insulation between external and internal layers, the outer door has keyed swing lock with 3

point locking and a polyurethane gasketing system providing IP65 protection, the hinged internal door for additional protection

has round key lock. Side panel air intakes are filtered, the roof fan module draws hot air out through top cover for efficient active


Application areas for the Lande IP65 cabinet are typically open areas under effects of the environment, with the requirement of

IP65 protection of the equipment inside the enclosure against ingress of water, rain, sleet, snow and dust. Alternatively, industrial

areas as factories, warehouses, depots and sports stadiums.

  • Polyurethane infused sealing/gasketing system provides EN 60529 IP65 protection covers indicatively Nema 250 classifications 3, 3S, 4, 4X, 5, 12, 12K, 13
  • Three point locking system rods supporting IP protection class Anti-vandalism tested according to DIN V ENV 1630. WK2 Anti-vandalism tested lock handle DIN V ENV 1630 burglar resistance.  Test methods for the determination of resistance to manual burglary attempts on both front and rear door.

  • Internal layer t:1,00 mm thickness and Inner cover/door t:1,5 mm thickness, material varies as per your MTRL selection. Inner cover/door protects the enclosure from wind effects and prevents against dust and provides additional protection if the main door is not locked. It has ‘’O’’ type barrel locking.
  • Open/close function canopy H 70 mm, hiding and securing fan module, helping EN 60529 IP protection, allowing heat dissipation from exhausted hot air through fan kit, hinged, site implementation friendly. This housing may be closed with dummy plate if an air conditioner or heat exchanger unit is integrated on front door.  It has inclined hidden 4 screws accessible from inside of cabinet the roof canopy can be fully removed for maintenance and service.
  • Air intake kit, filtered, filter replacement possible with wing nuts toolless operation. Once an air conditioner or heat exchanger is integrated these fresh air inlet panels are sealed with metallic dummy panels.
  • Clear U marked, 19’’ vertical mounting rails, 4 pcs, DC01, 6112, electro galvanize coating.
  • Cable entry gland plate, with PVC or brass cable entry pats, PG sizes, multiple capacity per usage field, customized in standard 1pcs PG32, 4 pcs PG16 cable entry pats.
  • H200 mm plinth for concrete assembly for cable management screwed opening placement in front section.
  • Monoblock welded body for stability and mechanical resistance and special flange system for water and dust ingress designed to form together with polyurethane gasketing system allows EN 60529 IP65 protection.
  • Ventilation louvers for fresh air intake on outer panels and filtered air entry on inner panels are at different height elevation to provide protection against flood or splashing water.

Based on the application areas, the corrosive agents, humidity effects, salty environmental effects in seaports Lande OD series

enclosures constructed from different corrosive resistance reaction level materials.  Can be AISI 304, 316L, 430 Grade stainless

steel or alternatively there is an economical Solution where a lower grade of corrosion resistance is provided, the same enclosure

is offered hot dip pre-galvanized DX51 D+275gr/m² zinc plated, please define your material indications on the part numbers.


- Double layer structure

- Insulation material between external and internal layers

- RAL7035 polyester outdoor type paint

- Anti-graffiti and insul-paint applicable with RAL 9003 Signal White Polyurethane finish, optionally offered

- IP65 Protection Level (EN60529) covers indicatively

- Nema-250 classifications 3, 3S, 4, 4X, 5, 12, 12K, 13

- Polyurethane infused sealing system for IP level


Front Side has inner door, which is lockable provides additional security and additional protection especially against dust entry if main

door is not locked.


The cabinet can be equipped with mechanical or magnet door sensors on demand. 


The inner skin has wingnut installed (can be opened by hand no tools required) ventilation channel and replaceable filter location. 


Bottom case has multiple access with 2xPG21, 1xPG48 integrated cable entry pats, 2 pcs 28 mm diameter PVC Blind cap.  Which all

of are as option can be replaced with PG21 cable entry pats. After insertion of the cables to the enclosure, recommended to close

the openings with foam or isolation material. In addition all IP65 cabinets are delivered with a plain metal cable entry panel means

if shipping configuration cable entry pats are not suitable for your project any punching can be done on the spare cable entry plain panel.


 The cabinet is equipped with inclined canopy roof, remove 4 (2 front and 2 rear) screws to open the canopy. The Canopy is gasketed

for EN 60529 protection purposes for the fan module, allowing fans to discharge the hot air from enclosure via hidden ventilation

louvers while still providing EN 60529 IP65 protection to the enclosure front and rear side of the plinth has a screwed metal panel

allowing access for installation and maintenance to plinth concrete basement fixings and as well to the routed cables to the cabinet.


The 600x800 mm enclosure has a hinged and locking system integrated rear door.



MTRL is material selection code which customers to indicate while ordering

MTRL: Replace code with Z275 for DX51 D + 275gr/m² hot dip galvanized zinc coating. (No corrosion warranty.)

MTRL: Replace code with A430 for AISI 430 grade stainless steel. (Limited corrosion warranty up to 2-3 years.)

MTRL: Replace code with A304 for AISI 304 grade stainless steel. (Limited corrosion warranty up to 3-5 years.)

MTRL: Replace code with A316 for AISI 316L grade stainless steel. (Corrosion warranty up to 5-10 years.)

LG: Standard Color is RAL 7035 Light Grey which is registered in the part number as LG, if Signal White RAL 9003 is required which

has a better performance against UV impact Insulpaint and Antigrafiti option as a Polyurethane finish replace the LG with SW.

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22U 19’’ IP65 Outdoor Cabinet W600mm D800mm

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