STAKKAbox™ Fortress is manufactured in 150mm deep sections that stack on top of each other to reach the desired depth. Each ring section is castellated to positively interlock with the unit above and below.


ETISALAT APPROVED with the following Components

·         1 x HDPE JRC 4 Modular type. Joint box of inner dimensions (L)915 x (W)445 x (H)750mm with Frame and Cover (Lockable, Hinged type) complete with base

·         4 x Bolts, Foundation, Indented No.2

·         2 x Cable Bearers Wall Type No.2

·         2 x Bracket Cable Bearer No.3

·         2 x Pin Locking Cable Bearer

·         2 x Bellmouth for D54 Duct entry

·         2 x Sand Block



Fast and Easy to Install - STAKKAbox™ Fortress chambers are significantly faster to install than conventional alternatives, with complete installations typically taking up to one hour. With the added flexibility of creating duct entries on-site, in-site with a standard hole saw or drill. Fortress also has the added flexibility of being able to cut sections for building over existing network. 

Lightweight - Due to the sectional, twin wall design all Fortress 150mm sections are under 25kg in weight, making it suitable for a single person lift under manual handling regulations.

Strength - Fortress has been extensively tested to ensure that it meets the loading requirements up to D400 in a variety of installation environments. The loadings match the vertical loading categories recognised by EN124 gully tops and access tops for vehicular and pedestrian users.

Chemical Resistance - HDPE outperforms traditional construction methods for chemical resistance during its buried life, resulting in a product that offers a longer install life.

Smooth Outer Wall with Lip to ‘Key In’ - Gaps in the outer wall will negatively impact the effectiveness of compaction around the chamber.  STAKKAbox™ chambers have smooth outer walls and an outer lip which keys into the backfill.



STAKKAbox™ Fortress is manufactured in nitrogen foamed High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) of which up to 70% is recycled material. HDPE possesses excellent strength to weight properties.

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JRC-4 HDPE Manhole - Fortress 915x445x750mm

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