• Gland Caulking No.2

Gland Caulking is a duct sealing product used in conjunction with two discs and Compound 16A. The Gland is

fixed onto the duct with two discs inside it. The cable is passed through the discs into the duct. The space

between the discs is filled with Compound 16A. Gas and water can accumulate in underground ducts such as

those carrying telephone or electric supply cables. Where ducts terminate inside buildings, manholes or

chambers they must be sealed against gas and water. This solution is especially suitable for applications where

ducts are wet or liable to fill with water.


Gland Caulking 2 is used for sealing of Duct 54D.

  • Duct 54D size is 96.3 to 96.7 mm Outer Diameter.
  • Along with this we need 2 nos. of discs S83-3332 – Disc Caulking 1
  • The Compound 16A is filled in between the 2 discs and the quantity will depend upon the number of cables installed

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Gland Caulking No.2

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