• OTDR Launch Cable LC/APC SM

Such as a long distance network or a long campus LAN with splices between cables, you will want an OTDR

to check if the fibers and splices are good. The OTDR can see the splice after it is made and confirm its performance.

It can also find stress problems in the cables caused by improper handling during installation. If you are doing

restoration after a cable cut, the OTDR will help find the location of cut and help confirm the quality of temporary

and permanent splices to restore operation. On singlemode fibers where connector reflections are a concern, the

OTDR will pinpoint bad connectors easily. Since so little of the light comes back to the OTDR for analysis, the OTDR

receiver circuit must be very sensitive. That means that big reflections, which may be one percent of the outgoing

signal, will saturate the receiver, or overload it. Once saturated, the receiver requires some time to recover, and

until it does, the trace is unreliable for measurement .

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OTDR Launch Cable LC/APC SM

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