• CDU Switched 24Way IEC C13 230V C20 Inlet W/ C20 Inlet

High-Density Power Distribution The Switched CDU’s combine remote configuration and management with power distribution and power and environmental monitoring. Reboot a single or dual-power server with one command. Receive SNMP-based alerts and email alerts when power or environmental conditions exceed thresholds. Assign users specific access rights to designated outlets or groups. Only the Switched CDU products provide the flexibility needed for all data centers and remote sites, including power requirements for high-amp, high voltage; UL 60950-1 branch circuit protection; SSL & SSH security; and SNMP-based input current monitoring.

Product Features

  • Remote Power Management: Power cycle individual power outlets, or groups of power outlets, to remotely reboot servers and network devices, anywhere in the world. Or, power-off unused power receptacles.
  • High Power Distribution: 208V or 230V power; 16, 20, 30 or 32-Amp power input feed options > High Density: Single power input feed; 24 outlets per enclosure.
  • IP Access & Security: Web interface, SSL, SSH, Telnet, SNMP, FTP, SNTP, Syslog, LDAP, LDAPS, TACACS and RS-232 access > Add an Expansion Module: Daisy chain the Switched CDU Expansion Module (CW/CX) for power management of separate power circuits from a single IP address.
  • Environmental Monitoring: Each Switched CDU supports two temperature & humidity probes and reports conditions thru the Web interface.
  • SNMP Traps: Provide automated alerts for power and environmental conditions.
  • Input Current Monitor: Precisely measure the aggregate current draw (in amps) on each power circuit. On-site verification of the input current with the LED digital display. Remote verification via browser or serial screen.
  • Power-up Sequencing: Prevent an in-rush power overload.
Additional Benefits and Features

Branch Circuit Protection

  • The Sentry CDU Family meets the new UL 60950-1 requirement for branch circuit protection. Attention! The Sentry CDU products meet the above criteria by providing overcurrent protection with UL-listed Bussman SC fuses for each branch circuit.

Input Current Monitoring

  • The CDU’s exclusive True RMS current monitoring is critical to preventing overloads in high-density computing environments. LED digital displays on the CDU enclosure report the input current of each phase or branch circuit.

Temperature and Humidity
  • The Switched CDU supports two external probes. Each of these probes measure both temperature and humidity. Receive SNMP-based alert notifications when conditions exceed defined thresholds.
Agency Approvals
  • US & Canada (cTUVus mark) to UL 60950-1:2003 and CAN/CSA 22.2 No. 60950-1-03
  • European Union (TUVGS mark) to EN 60950-1:2001
  • FCC Class A, Part 15
  •  CE
  • EMC - EN 55022 Class A, EN 55024
Communications and Security
  • 10/100 BaseT Ethernet
  • SSLv3/TLSv1
  • SNMPv2
  • SSHv2
  • Telnet
  •  LDAPv3
  • RS-232 (Serial)
Branch Circuit Protection

  •  Compliant to UL 60950-1
Power Cord Options

  • PTCORD-1 IEC 60320/C19 - NEMA L6-20P , 10’(3m)
  • PTCORD-2 IEC 60320/C19 - Schuko 10’(3m)
  • PTCORD-3 IEC 60320/C19 - IEC 60309 (BS4343, CEE17) 16/20A Blue (UK Commando) 10’(3m)
  •  PTCORD-4 IEC 60320/C19 - BS1363 13A (UK) 10’(3m)

Optional Temperature & Humidity Probe

  •  EMTH-1-1 Temperature & Humidity Probe, 10ft (3m)
Environmental Monitor

  • EMCU-1-1B allows up to (2) additional temperature & humidity probes, (1) water sensor, (4) dry contact closures, (1) analog-to-digital contact sensor. Includes (1) temperature/humidity probe with unit.
 SPM (Sentry Power Manager) Appliance

  • Monitor and Manage multiple Sentry CDU's
  • Monitor and Manage all alarm conditions -
  • Reporting and Trending - Group or Cluster outlets for reboot and power information

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CDU Switched 24Way IEC C13 230V C20 Inlet W/ C20 Inlet

  • AED 4,983.00

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