• OPTOKON HMA1 patchcord

The OPTOKON HMA optical modules are designed for connection of the nodes of tactical network by the help

of cables with optical fibers. The used „Expanded beam technology“ preserves all advantages of signals

transmission through the optical lines in field harsh environmental conditions.

Benefiting from expanded beam technology, with a long and proven industry track record, the precision

optical alignment system creates immunity from water, mud, dust, oil and other contaminants.

The HMA Hermaphroditic coupling eliminates the need for adaptors and male and female mating halves.

Hermaphroditic housings allow for rapid deployment, creating low loss Single mode, Multimode and Hybrid daisy

chained links in a variety of planforms ranging from simplex fiber to a copper Hybrid. The OPTOKON HMA is ideally

suited for environmental extremities where low maintenance and quick repairabilty is necessary, the connectors are

uniquely field installable and rapidly field repairable.


     There are two different types of OPTOKON HMA connection modules:

            a) LD type military tactical cable with OPTOKON HMA plugs at both sides

           b) Hybrid connection module OPTOKON HMA to standard fiber optic connectors (SC, ST, LC, …)


  • Advanced expanded beam technology
  • Hermaphroditic interconnection
  • 1 to 8 Fiber channels Singlemode or Multimode
  • Rugged field repairable connector design
  • Keyed boot for ‘Blind Mating’
  • Two versions

HMA plug tactical cable

HMA bulkhead hybrid cable



  • Military communications
  • Broadcast
  • Industrial, Petrochemical



Insertion loss (typ.)           


Return loss                    

Operating temperature   

Storage temperature      

Water immersion             

Vibration Sinusoidal


Free fall resistance           

Bump resistance

Tensile Strength

Cable Variations Compatible

with tactical cable:

0.5 – 0.7 dB (MM)

0.7 – 1.0 dB (SM)

>30 dB (SM)

-40 to +70 °C

-55 to +85 °C

up to 2 m depth

10-500 Hz, 0.75 Amplitude

@ 10 g acceleration

500 falls onto concrete from 1.2 m height

4000 bumps @ 40 g acceleration

Tensile of 1500 N cable dependent

Plug < 6 mm o/d Bulkhead < 3 mm o/d

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OPTOKON HMA1 patchcord

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