• ServerLIFT Front Loading SL-500FX

Product Description

The ServerLIFT Front Loading SL-500FX is great for any data center design. It is the only data center certified lift capable of supporting equipment up to 20″ and placing it into any server rack. Combined with all of the features of the ServerLIFT SL-500X, the SL-500FX unit is designed with a different platform configuration for easy installation of deeper rack servers. The ServerLIFT SL-500FX features a durable built-in gliding shelf that moves forward creating the ability to rack servers, to help with pre-populating or pre-configuring server racks on pallets. This is also ideal for a data center design with wide aisles and unconventional floor plans.

Product Features 

  • Fully Contained
  • Full Range Access 
  • Front-Loading Usability
  • Low Profile 
  • Dual Point Stabilizer Brake
  • Easy-Turn Swivel Handles Dual Point Stabilizer Brake
  • Compact Design
  • Easy-Turn Handles
  • Large Swivel Casters
  • Heavy Duty Platform 
  • Fully Powered Lifting 
  • Built-In Easy Glide Shelf
  • QuickTILT Leveling System
  • Touch STOP Sensor



458 lbs [207.75 kg]

Shipping Weight:

570 lbs [258.55 kg] Zero Turn Radius (can pivot on axis when front casters are unlocked)

Aisle and “T” Intersection turn limit:

32” [81.28 cm

ront Shelf distance:

1.48” [29.16 cm]

Minimum Aisle Width

25” [63.5 cm]

Shelf upper load limit

8’ [243.9 cm]

Shelf lower limit

6.5 “ [16.64 cm]

Maximum load capacity rating:

500 lbs [226.80 kg]

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ServerLIFT Front Loading SL-500FX

  • AED 56,440.00

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