• Lift Extension LE-500X

The ServerLIFT LE-500X™ Lift Extension helps users remove servers, switches, UPS devices and other rack

mounted equipment from crates and boxes. The Lift Extension attaches to ServerLIFT’s SL-500X and SL-350X

server lifters and uses the included slings to safely raise equipment up to the full rated load of each unit from

above.ServerLIFT is known for durable lifting solutions that are data center certified. ServerLIFT has also designed

a lift extension that is used to hoist IT equipment out of boxes and into server racks safely and easily.

There are currently two lift extension models available to support IT equipment hardware weighing up to 700 lbs.

With these lift extensions there should be no need to worry when building a data center now that handling heavy

IT equipment from start to finish safely and effectively.


  • Supports full load on SL-500X™ and SL-350X™ lifts.
  •  Includes dual slings for lifting from cartons, et. al.
  • Easily removes equipment from cartons, crates, and pallets
  • Simple install and removal on ServerLIFTs
  • Heavy duty construction

Product Dimensions



Unit Height (Lowered):

5 ft 10 in

1.76 m

Unit Height (Raised):

9 ft 4.2 in

2.85 m


3 ft 8 in

1.12 m


2 ft 5 in

0.625 m


Capacity and Weight



Load Capacity

500 lbs

226.8 kg

Total Unit Weight

428 lbs

194 kg


Working Dimensions



Platform Height-Extended

8 f

2.44 m

Platform Height-Stowed

5.3 in

13.5 cm

Platform-Movement (per side)

6 in

15.2 cm

Movable Platform-Width

14.6 in

36.8 cm

Platform Length

24 in

61 cm

Total Platform Width

21 in

53 cm

Rear Caster Diameter

5 in

12.7 cm

Front Caster Diameter

3 in

10.2 cm

Caster Width

2 in

5.08 cm

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Lift Extension LE-500X

  • AED 2,947.20

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