• Twinax Plug Male

Also known as, Twinax IBM 7362229 Biaxial Connector


Length: 22.2 mm, diameter: 44.5 mm

General Description

  • Twinax connector, nickel plated brass
  •  All connectors are polarized to ensure correct connection 
  • The contacts are gold and silver plated for safe identification and can be welded or crimped 
  • The sealing ring secures perfectly cable connector 
  • The connector body is made of nickel plated brass with preformed contact block. 
  • The connectors are supplied complete with mounting instruction

Technical Specification

Operating frequency

250 MHz (max).

Nominal Impedance


Insulation resistance

> 5 x 10 9 Ω

Nominal tension

Peak of 500 V

Test voltage

1500 V rms

Loss of insertion

<0.2dB per pair connected to 100 MHz

Body material

Light nickel plated brass

Male contact

Brass plated in silver

Female contact

Copper silver plated copper beryllium

Contact resistance

≤ 5mΩ

Insulation resistance

≥ 1GΩ

Test voltage

1.5kV eff / 50Hz



Operating voltage

≤500V eff / 50Hz

Operating frequency up to



  • Twinax connectors range used in IBM applications and LAN cabling systems
  • One of major applications includes Brocade, Arista, Cisco, Dell and others' network hardware with SFP+ Twinax DAC interfaces
  • SATA 3.0 cables are implemented using Twinax 
  •  Many manufacturers of DisplayPort cabling are also using Twinax configurations
  • A 2-conductor twisted-pair cable known as Twinax is used to connect the MIL-STD-1553 bus and stub devices.

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Twinax Plug Male

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