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About Us

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Dafnia, is exclusive distributor of a wide range of product and solution to build and maintain a secure IT infrastructure from high profile manufacturers majorly from USA and Europe,hence guaranteeing the best quality and logistics of supply. We also offer consultancy services where our qualified team of engineers and technicians analyse, plan and offer a reliable and cost-effective solution for Datacenter & IT Rooms, Network Infrastructure and HVAC. Regular updates to our product range and scheduled training programs has brought about versatility to our Sales team to provide effective advice/solution ensuring customer satisfaction from a technical perspective.


Product Updates

Jensen - Custom Tool Kitting
Whether you're in aviation, HVAC, PC support, bio-medical or have military requirements, we can custom build any configuration of tools, case styles or pallet options for your industry-specific needs.


ServerTechnology - All in One PDU Solution
Introducing the All-in-1 PDU Solution HDOT Switched on the PRO2 Platform with Alternating Phase Outlets


Optokon - HMA J-Series Connector
The OPTOKON HMA-J connector series, a medium size "Expanded Beam“ connector, is designed for connecting the nodes of a tactical network with the help of optical fiber cables.


Knurr - Mobile Equipment Carts
Whether it be in health care applications, workshop area, electronics lab, or in office environment, Knurr’s extensive standard range provides diverse solutions for the safe and secure mobility of valuable equipment.


Microcare - KnockOut AC flush
Knockout A/C Flush, pioneered with cutting edge technology, offers all of the benefits of R-11 without the environmental concerns.


ServerLift - Server Handling Solutions
ServerLIFT products are designed specifically to move rack-mounted equipment such as servers, switches, and UPS’s in the datacenter environment.


Jensen - Government Tool Control Kits
A range of tools all together in a rugged all weather mobile tool case for military sector


ESD Safe - HEPA Vacuum Cleaner
For healtcare, datacenters and laser catridge and toner industry


Products and Solutions for Safe and Clean Hospital Environments
Shoe cover Dispenser | Sticky Mats | Presaturated Wipes | Lint free Solvent Wipes


Saltek - Reliable Protection for your network
A wide assortment of lightning current arrestors and surge protection devices for data, telecom, signal and control lines


ProRZ - Intelligent Solutions for Datacenter Environments
Professional Planning and Realization of Data Centers & Server Rooms with highest security and tested availability


Cubis - Underground Battery Storage
Underground storage enclosure for batteries, designed to be used in conjunction with CUBIS access chambers


Enerdis - Expert in Energy Intelligence
Energy Performance, Power Quality, Measurement and Instrumentation


2M Kablo Cables - Available in Stock
Control Cables (Indoor/Outdoor), Audio/Video Cables, Fire-Resistant Cables


Boeing 787 : Mobile Wiring Systems Tool Kit
Each 787 Dreamliner contains cutting-edge technology, miles of complex wiring with thousands of line replaceable units. The JENSEN® JTC-12606 Mobile Wiring Systems Tool Kit contains the right tools technicians need to get the job done. This Kit is the complete turnkey solution for the maintenance and repair of the Boeing 787 wiring systems.


Canovate - FTTX Solutions - Now Available in Stock
Canovate provides IT and Telecom infrastructure technology offerings that span from complete datacenters to fiber optic transmission and access solutions.


4.3-10 Series - RF Connectors for Mobile Radio Communications
The new, compact, installation-friendly 4.3-10 RF connectors have been specially developed to meet the ever increasing demands in mobile radio communication applications. Despite their size, the connectors guarantee excellent return loss and passive intermodulation performance(PIM) levels.


Sticklers - Optical Grade Dust and Particle Remover
Blow off dust, sand, lint and particles out of enclosures, keyboards, cabinets and housings. Double-filtered , Ultra-pure, Sub-micron level, non-flammable gas


Microcare - Electronic Cleaners
When it comes to precision cleaning, fiber optic cleaning and medical device cleaning, MicroCare is an industry leader. We provide cleaning solutions that utilize the most innovative technology providing the highest quality for your sophisticated equipment.

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